Dress Etiquette

Please note that you must wear appropriate tennis shoes with your shoe tag to show you are a member.

All players must wear appropriate and recognised tennis clothing and footwear at all times when playing on court.

Clothing items deemed suitable are:

tennis shirts/polo shirts/tops
tennis specific T shirts
tennis shorts (with pockets)
tennis skirts/skorts
tennis dresses
tennis socks
purpose made tennis shoes must be worn at all times which must not have ribbed soles
tracksuits are permitted at all times
denim is not permitted

All members have the right to verbally remind other members of this Dress Code, if such members are seen wearing clothing deemed unsuitable. Concerning adherence to the Dress Code, members are responsible for their visitors and coaches for their clients.

In the event of members repeatedly not following the Dress Code, their membership will be reviewed by the Committee.


Court Etiquette

Members and their guests are asked to be quiet on and around the courts so as not to disturb other players.

Members are advised to check the outdoor court booking sheet before commencing play as booked matches take preference at all times.

No matches of any type may be played between 1:30 – 5 pm on Saturdays and Sundays when the Adult Mix-in takes preference over all courts (apart from the Juniors’ Courts 6 & 7 ).

On occasions when all courts are in use adults, Club organised sessions and approved matches take preference to Juniors (apart from Courts 6 & 7). Doubles games take preference to singles.

Juniors are allowed to play on any courts at any time but should vacate the court if a senior player wishes to use it.

The juniors concerned are permitted up to 30 minutes to complete the set of tennis they are currently playing.

If the designated junior courts become available they should move across at the end of the next changing game. Adults should allow other adults 30 minutes to finish the set they are playing before claiming the court.

Members playing singles should invite those waiting to join them for a doubles set or relinquish the court.

On occasions when juniors’ courts may be required for a senior match alternative courts will be allocated for junior use.

Juniors are not permitted in the clubhouse after 8:30pm unless accompanied by an adult .

Juniors can play indoors between 7-8:30pm during the week provided they are supervised by an adult.


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