Junior Club Champs

Mini Tennis Results​

8 and Under

Winner = Lili Pope​

Runner Up = Wilfi Pope​

9 and Under – 10-7 

Winner = Dylan Bareham ​

Runner Up = Benji Cox ​

11 and Under – 4-3 (7-5), 4-1

Winner = Monty Wilson​

Runner Up = Courtney Hills​

Firstly, a massive congratulations and thanks to all the players and parents that came along on Saturday to the Junior Club Championships. We had our most successful Mini Tennis Tournament to date. A total of 40 Juniors played in the Mini Tennis Tournament in the morning. Unfortunately, the weather was against us, and it was a race against time to fit all the matches in. With some very accommodating parents and a helpful team (Jaime Boffin and Katherine Sumner) we managed to get this done. ​

Eight of our youngest up and coming players battled it out in a round robin organised by Jaime Boffin. They produced an incredible level of tennis, at only 6, 7 and 8 years of age. We cannot wait to see how they keep progressing. Lili Pope showed a dominant display of tennis, winning all her matches and winning the trophy for the 8 and under tournament. Wilfi Pope and Lucas Hamilton-Patel battled it out in a decider match for second place, with Wilfi coming out victorious. ​

Whilst this was going on, we also had the 9 and Under Tournament taking place. Twelve players battling it out in two groups of round robins. We had four players that made it through into the semi-finals – Dylan Bareham, Ava Lord, Benji Cox and Oliver Burnett. After two close games Dylan and Benji went through to the final. With the rain expected any second, the final match was played indoors. The match was a delight to watch, with some incredible points consisting of marathon rallies and wonderful winners. The final score was 10-7 to Dylan Bareham. ​

A massive twenty players entered the 11 and Under Tournament. It was no easy task to get all the matches done, especially with the rain looming but we managed to get through them. All the players played in group stages with the winner and runners up going through into a knockout round. Twelve of our best players made it through: Monty Wilson, Joseph Bareham, Courtney Hills, Ethan Laurent, Kallen Oxborough-Hyman, Sam Holliday, Sam Darling, Alice Craigen, Dom Buro, Paul Bauer, Elisa Bauer, Harry Davis. After some close games we were down to the final two; Courtney Hills and Monty Wilson. Everyone moved inside to watch the final match. Spectators were ready, lined up along the windows. Both players produced some incredible tennis, Monty playing the consistent game and Courtney producing some unstoppable winners. The first set went down to the wire, Monty defending six set points and battling it back to win the set in a tie-break 7-5. Monty went on to win the second set 4-1 to take the 11 and Under title. ​

Junior Results ​

12 and Under Boys Singles – 6-3, 6-1

Winner = Oliver Krikorian ​

Runner Up = Billy Craigen​

12 and Under Boys Doubles – 6-3, 4-6, 15-13 

Winner = James Krikorian and Oliver Krikorian  ​

Runner Up = Billy Craigen and Teddy Tierney  ​

14 and Under Boys Singles – 6-3, 3-6, 6-3

Winner = Oliver Eliot​

Runner Up = Gruia Nastasa​

14 and Under Girls Singles – 6-2, 4-6, 12-10

Winner = Zara Murphy  ​

Runner Up = Katherine Sumner ​

14 and Under Girls Doubles – 6-0, 6-1 

Winner = Lyla Read and Zara Murphy  ​

Runner Up = Frankie Sage and Sophie Whatley   ​

16 and Under Boys Singles – 6-2 6-4

Winner = Harry Capper​

Runner Up = Jake Loy​

16 and Under Girls Singles – 6-3 6-0

Winner = Lyla Read​

Runner Up = Millie Bunyan ​

18 and Under Girls Doubles – 6-4 6-1

Winner = Mila Deist and Rosie Runnicles  ​

Runner Up = Millie Bunyan and Milly Sage   ​

With the rain set in all afternoon, the rest of the matches were held indoors. The first matches up were the 12 and Under Boys Singles and 14 and Under Girls Singles. Oliver Krikorian and Billy Craigen fought it out in a close match. Billy produced some amazing defence throughout, as well as showing his excellent volleys at the net. Oliver’s aggression and power was a bit much in the end and he won the match in straight sets 6-3 6-1. On the other court, Zara Murphy and Katherine Sumner were having a tight contest with each player getting one set each. Zara produced a very convincing first set, winning 6-2 however Katherine battled back and took the second set 4-6. The match was to be decided on a championship tiebreak. It was neck and neck the whole way through, with both players having match point. The match concluded with a marathon point, with Zara producing powerful forehand to win 12-10. ​

The next two matches up were the 12 and Under Boys Doubles and 16 and Under Boys Singles. James Krikorian and Oliver Krikorian were up against Billy Craigen and Teddy Tierney in the doubles. It was another edge of your seat match, each team taking a set each and the final tiebreak going to a massive 15-13 to the Krikorian brothers. Both teams displayed some incredible doubles, full of interception volleys, lobs and smashes. The Krikorian brothers also came up with a unique tactic of standing on the same side of the baseline when serving…we will have to see if that one catches on. The 16 and Under Boys Singles match was full of some heavy hitting baseline play. Harry Capper playing an excellent defensive game against the powerful serves and forehands of Jake Loy. It seemed that Harry’s tactic of trying to stay in the rallies long enough to force the errors from Jake, combined with some excellent serving and returning paid off. Harry won the match in straight sets. ​

The final two matches of the day were the 14 and Under Girls Doubles and 14 and Under Boys Singles. Frankie Sage and Sophie Whatley were up against Lyla Read and Zara Murphy. It was a tense first set, both on court and with the spectators. Lots of closely fought points. Both teams relaxed in the second and produced some brilliant doubles, but it was Lyla and Zara that ended up winning in straight sets. On the other court, Oliver Eliot and Gruia Nastasa were battling it out in a 3 set epic. Gruia had a strong start, taking the first few games however Oliver’s determination and grit meant he was able to claw it back in the first set and win 6-3. Gruia answered back taking the second set 3-6. After 2 hours both players were feeling the exhaustion but it was Oliver who came out on top taking the final set 6-3.

The 16 and Under Girls singles was played the evening before between Lyla Read and Millie Bunyan. Being only 10 years old, it may seem surprising that Lyla is in the 16 and Under category but if you’ve seen her success over the last few years it’s no surprise that she battled her way to the final. Millie and Lyla had a brilliant match with both players testing each other to find a weakness. Lyla’s match experience gave her the edge and managed to win in straight sets. Lyla is one of Byfleet’s most exciting prospects and we are eager to see her progress! ​

The 18 and Under Girls Doubles took place the next day alongside the adult’s championship with Mila Deist and Rosie Runnicles playing against Millie Bunyan and Milly Sage. The first set was extremely close ending at 6-4 to Mila and Rosie. Almost all the games in the second set went to deuce but Mila and Rosie managed take the vital points, winning the second set and match, 6-1. All the girls displayed a great level of doubles and provided a very entertaining match for the spectators. ​

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